Are you excited for Rintori week?



cries idk im actually pretty far behind in my works lmao sobs

but i’m really excited to see everyone else’s stuff i’m just kinda stressed cause i have so much to finish and i don’t wanna disappoint 

What's with the whole idea of Nitori being a duck? Is it his official animal (like Rin and a shark) or just something that the fandom has interpreted? Same with Sousuke being a basking shark?

nitori’s official animal as far as i know right now is a duck, there was official art released of everyone as chibis and their official animal and nitori was like waddling with a duck and sousuke was hangin with the like spotted shark thing ya

I love u, and ur blog, and ur art, esp the rintori~~~ your blog is 10/10

omF THNANK YOU!!! sobs wow thank you so much 

i love your art style so much jdjxkxbcn

oh god wow thank you so mcuh   sobs im gONNA CRY FOR REAL

Are you still accepting for the rintori network?

yes i am! <3

holy shit your nsfw art is sooo good omfg it goes with all my kinks and i just wanted to say thank you so much


i’m just gonna…..leave this here

(Source: gayda)

if a shark has two dongs that means.. THREESOME WITH AI AND THE CAPTAIN


everyones talkin about Nitori's dick, what about Rin's??

oh god that’s what im talking about

did you know sharks have two dongs cause i did

Nitoris dick is very yes

cries i wish i could have it life is so hard 

Speaking of Nitori's dick, what I'm wondering is, how frequently do you think Nitori and Nagisa get together for a little shota sleepover, and how often do you think it ends up being THAT kind of sleepover...

um literally all of the time because nagisa is fucking disgusting and can’t go like three seconds without a dick in his face for real

idk he’d prob send rei pictures of ai while he’s sleeping like look at this fine piece of ass let me have him onegai and rei is like literally wtf nagisa

no no no don't stop talk more about the room change how's rintori gonna prevail ur headcanons are giving me strength

dude like earlier i was like yo rin is the captain he prob has the keYS TO THE POOL MAYBE like he lit can go in when he want i hope omg cause like

how pretty would it be if he like left the lights off in the room but kept the pool lights on so it’s just lit up blue omFG fuck and he tells ai to meet him there all the time tHATS WHAT IM ABOUT GOD

and ugh like i feel like rin is one of those people who doesn’t care about pda but nitori does so he’s like hey babe lets frick in the pool and ai is like WINDOWS and rin is like nah we’re good AND THEN HE LIKE TURNS OFF THE POOL LIGHTS AND THEY BANG IN THE POOL BY MOON LIGHT FUCKING KILL ME

at some point rin prob convinces ai to frick in the pool with the lights on but it’d have to be like super late at night like 3-4 am so ai can be sure no one will see and ugh it’s be so pretty and they’d be really tired the next day and prob really pissy about it like “wow if we didn’t have to stay up so late to make sure no one saw this wouldn’t have happened” and “if you didn’t want so badly to frick in the pool in the first place this wouldn’t have happened”


P O O L J E T S like just fuck him against a pool jet and we’re good to go

wah and ofc rin prob throws rose petals in the pool because he’s a giant homosexual ew and then he was to clean it and im sure ai would love to watch rin have to clean it all afterwards like wow what did you think was gonna happen

oh yeah and i guess if nitori’s being a piece of shit then they can always go in the locker rooms to bang

OH OH LOCKER ROOM SHOWER BANGING HELLO though that’s prob really gross

but yeah they literally just hang out in the pool at night for real



As sad as i am that Nitori isn't a cute, chubby seal, I'm trying to look on the bright side. We can now have art of Ai with large fluffy wings and piddly paddly feet.

cries no duck nitori is actually the cutest thing ever for real though like why ugh i love him so much

like at least now i can go to stores and shit and be like look nitori yay and i already get really excited about ducks at lakes and shit now it’s gonna be like 10 times more exciting

What is the sappiest, most romantic thing you could see Rin doing during his time at Samezuka with Nitori?

um rin buys nitori stuffed animals all the time when he’s out because he knows nitori loves them

rin is one of those people who takes like anniversary stuff very seriously and then worries that ai thinks it’s too sappy so he always does really gay stuff like sets up cute dates and BUYS CANDLES OR SOME SHIT FOR HIM AND GOD he fucking dotes on him he buys him chocolates and fucking flowers all the time and ai is like senpai wtf im an a t h l e t e

and rin is like fuck i knew this was too much oh god im a terrible boyfriend and ai just kisses him and tells him it’s okay

rin is such a loser omfg

that’s prob why they have such fucking ridiculous sex too rin is always like “you’re not bored with us are you look i bought you a cute outfit, or do you want me to wear the outfit? what about these toys they look fun right is this cool am i trying too hard?”

omfg i can’t please stop this man

don’t even get me started on making up for the room change good god